When you get the right care, you thrive.

The past five years have proven monumental for the LGBTQ community. From the supreme court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges to the continued retrenchment of HIV to unprecedented visibility in pop culture and mainstream media, the victories have been considerable — and hard won.

We all know that the battle is far from over, but as important as it is to continue fighting in the face of an uncertain political future, we must also turn our energy inwards to ensure both our minds and bodies are receiving the right care.

That’s where Lighthouse comes in.

LGBT Healthcare Done Right

Lighthouse aims to empower the LGBTQ community in New York City by providing easy access to a curated and competent network of LGBT friendly healthcare and wellness professionals — each of whom wholeheartedly believes in our mission to help you tap into your unique potential. With the click of a button and quick search, you’ll be able to find the closest gay-friendly doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, medical specialists, and more. You can also find lesbian doctors, gay doctors, and or trans doctors who best understand your unique health needs from a personal perspective.

At a time when more than 50 percent of LGBTQ individuals experience some form of healthcare discrimination, we’re carving out a safe and easily accessible space for members of the LGBT community to find best-in-class care. Because for care to be impactful, you need to bring your whole, unguarded self into treatment. And when you get the right care, you thrive.

Built by the community, for the community, Lighthouse seeks to create an empowered future in which you have access to helpful LGBT resources you need to live your best life, regardless of whether you identify as queer, gay, lesbian, trans, gender non-conforming, or choose not to identify at all — on their own terms. Join our movement and become part of the Lighthouse family, where you can be valued and celebrated for who you are.

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